Cost Guide For Double Glazed Doors

To give you some idea of prices, check ourDoors Cost Guide. Prices could well vary across the UK & we advise getting at least 3 written quotes to compare before buying.


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What are Cost Guide Factors?

Style - different designs have different pricing.

Size - in this case it is important as is quantity. Larger orders may attract a discount.

Colour & finish - expect to pay a little more for colour or wood-grain effect.

Quality - a cheap door may cost less to buy, but have hidden costs later on.

Material - Wood, uPVC & Aluminium are all priced differently.

Competitive Pricing - A Cost Guide.

You have the advantage in negotiating a great deal by having several quotes to compare prices - you know the prices of all the competitors and they don't

You also get to see what you are getting for your money. Guarantees & warranties can vary from company to company as well as costs. With several options at hand, you can take your time to compare offers before deciding which is best for you.

Don't forget to always ask for a better deal!


What do double glazed entrance & patio doors cost?

If you take a look around, you may find that average budget double glazed uPVC door price is between £250 to £400.

Generally, there is not a lot of price difference between the cost of a back door & front door of the same design & size.

However, there are literally hundreds of different designs and also different materials to use. For a standard entrance door without side panels, it would be fair to say that a composite door would generally be at the upper end of the price range. These would have expected to be priced over £500 for supply only and closer to £1,000+ for a fully fitted door.

  • The cost of your work is likely to differ from the figures below as each project has its own pricing structure.

How much do front & back doors cost?

·  Door TypeMaterial Supply Only 
 Front entrance doorwhite upvc From £390
 Back door standardwhite upvc From £290
 Front entrance doorcomposite From £800
 Back door (stable) white upvc From £500
· Door Type Approx Size  Supply Only Guide
 Front uPVC solid 1.0m x 2.2m From £350
 Front uPVC with glazing 1.0m x 2.2mFrom £395
 Front composite solid1.0m x 2.15m From £545
Front composite + glazing 1.0m x 2.15m From £529

How much do Bifold doors cost?

Number of panelsMaterialBifold Cost Guide
2 paneltimber veneer/ uPVC From £1,200 supply only
3 paneltimber veneer/ uPVC From £1,400 supply only
4 panel uPVC / Irish Oak From £4,000 supply & fit
4 panel Aluminium white From £4,500 supply & fit

How much do French doors cost?

Door Specification Approx Size  Price Guide
 White uPVC full glass 2.0 m x 2.1 mFrom £1,200 fitted
 Grey Wood- grain uPVC full glass 2.0 m x 2.1 mFrom £1,500 fitted
 White uPVC full glass + side panels 3.0 m x 2.1 mFrom £1,800 fitted
Grey Wood-grain uPVC full glass + side panels3.0 m x 2.1 mFrom £2,300 fitted

How much do sliding patio doors cost?

Basic door design Approx size  Average price guide 
White uPVC 2 panel2200 x 2200 mm£1,400 to £1,600 fitted
Wood grain uPVC 2 panel2200 x 2200 mm£1,800 to £1,900 fitted
White uPVC 3 panel3500 x 2200 mm£1,900 to £2,100 fitted
White uPVC 4 panel4000 x 2200 mm£2,100 to £2,500 fitted

How much do composite doors cost?

Door Specification Max Door Size  Price Guide
 4 panels with arch glass top - red1.0 x 2.2 metreFrom £1,100 fitted
 4 panel solid - black1.0 x 2.2 metreFrom £1,050 fitted
 4 panel solid - black +  2 side panels1.0 x 2.2 metreFrom £1,800 fitted
2 panel solid & glass - green+  2 side & 2 top panels1.0 x 2.2 metreFrom £2,000 fitted

Door Specification FAQ's

1What range of Front Door Sizes are there?
Typical maximum width of a uPVC front door frame would be around 1.0 metre or 39.3 inches, with a maximum height of  2.2 metres or 86.6 inches.
2Can I get frame extensions if my door opening is larger than standard?
There are some options for frame extensions of 10/20 or maybe 50mm. If your opening is big enough you could always fit a side or top panel.
3What is the basic standard specification of a uPVC Front Door
  • Door furniture (letter box, handles etc.)
  • Multi-point & deadbolt locks
  • Left or right hand opening
  • Inward opening (out opening costs extra)
  • 85mm or 150mm door cill (threshold)
  • 70mm reinforced door frame
  • Internal beadings
  • Spare keys
  • UK building regulation compliant
  • Up to a 10 year product guarantee
4How long will a UPVC Door last?
Some opinions are that a high quality really well maintained uPVC front door can last up o 35 years. 20 years, however, would be a reasonable life expectancy.
5What is the basic standard specifications of a Composite Front Door?
  • Door furniture (letter box, handles etc.)
  • Multi-point & deadbolt locks (optional secured by design)
  • Left or right hand opening
  • Inward opening (out opening costs extra)
  • 85, 150mm or low level threshold
  • 70mm reinforced door frame
  • Internal beadings
  • 44mm door thickness
  • UK building regulation compliant

General FAQ's

1How Many Colours for uPVC Doors are there?
About 12, with maybe a few more from certain suppliers.1. White 2. Cream 3. Black 4. Grey 5. Rosewood 6. Mahogany 7. Chartwell green 8. Irish oak 9. Golden oak 10. Rustic cherry 11. Blue 12. Antique teak
2How Many Colours for Aluminium Doors are there?
A lot of aluminium doors are powder coat painted. This means that you could have almost any colour you like - most suppliers can easily offer up to 150 shades, including 2-tone.
3How long does it take to deliver a new front door?
Lead times (manufacturing & delivery) for new front doors of any design vary by manufacturer. But you should allow from 5 to 15 working days for an average order to be delivered.
4Can I have a cat flap in my UPVC or Composite door?
If the door section that you want to fit the cat flap into is solid, then yes you can have one. A lot of manufacturers will not fit cat flaps in glazed sections.
5Can I Have a UPVC Door that opens outwards?
It is possible to have a uPVC Front Door that opens outwards but it will depend on the manufacturer. In some cases there will be an extra cost involved to have the door open outwards.