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What Are Energy Efficient Front Doors?
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Double Glazed Sliding Patio Doors Prices

Your 5-minute guide to sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors have long been known to add more to a property than just improvements in aesthetics. They will also bring improvements to the functionality, security and more importantly, the value of a property.

Whatever your reason for doing so, improving the appearance of your home or adding a new dimension to a room by replacing a single external door, maybe converting a window opening or simply to add some resale value to your home, this guide will hopefully be of some value to you.

The Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are great because they are suitable for just about any openings no matter the size. This gives you the ability to have them configured and made to measure to your very own specifications. They are also available in either timber aluminium or uPVC frames and come in a number of different colours and finishes.

Those are just a few of the benefits of double glazed sliding patio doors (with a few other options more being shown below).

  • Expanded and unrestricted external views
  • You decide the overall size of the installation
  • The wind can’t blow a sliding door open or closed
  • Sliding function means no internal or external space interference from the doors themselves
  • The wide access allows you to move big things into and out of your home
  • Safety glazing and multi-point locks give increased security on your property

Features, Materials and Colours

As mentioned beforehand, there are three different materials used in the manufacture of sliding patio door frames and these are either timber, aluminium or Upvc.

Sliding patio doors manufactured from uPVC proving to be the most popular of the two. The main reasons for this is that uPVC is a lower cost material that also has lower maintenance needs (as well as the material also being a great insulator).

uPVC sliding patio doors are also available in a number of different colours such as white, oak, rosewood or grey. This allows for a more customised look for any home setting.

Aluminium, on the other hand, for a long time gained widespread popularity when used in commercial buildings rather than residential, as it is also very durable but has a higher structural strength and can support larger glass windows which makes it ideal for bigger installations.

Some of the latest designs of patio door using aluminium are truly amazing to see and super easy to use. The colour choice for aluminium sliding patio doors is very extensive – 100+ shades of powder coats at least.

double glazed door quotes

sliding patio doorsTypical options for a standard sliding patio door

  • Double glazed with tempered safety glass (up to 28mm gap)
  • Laminated glass option upgrade
  • Argon gas filled sealed units for improved thermal efficiency
  • Low-e solar control glazing
  • Low level frame threshold
  • D-pad handle with 3 or 5 lever mortise lock & secured by design models
  • Additional centre locks or multi-point locking
  • Anti-jemmy / anti-lift doors & tracks
  • Internal window beading (chamfered or square edged)
  • Trickle vents
  • Twin colour (inside & outside in different colours)

It may be that you want to look at some other options before making a final decision. For some alternatives you should have a look at French doors for your home and Multi-leaf panoramic Bi Fold Doors


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Double Glazed Sliding Patio Doors Prices

The cost of any particular sliding patio door will depend on various major factors. Such as the base manufacture material chosen, the width, the height and also the number of doors required.

Additionally, the prices involved will also vary greatly depending on whether you wish to have them fitted or just supplied. Of course, the latter would either require you to fit the sliding patio doors yourself or find a third-party to do this for you.

Generally prices will start as low as £700 for the standard supply of white 2-pane uPVC sliding patio doors with the price increasing depending on the many other variables as stated above.

On the other end of the scale you could be looking at as much as £3000 for something like a 4-pane hardwood framed sliding patio door at the maximum sizes.

 What do Sliding patio doors cost?

Basic door design  Approximate size of unit    Average price guide 
 White UPVC 2 panel   2200 mm x 2200 mm  from £700 to £900
 Wood effect UPVC 2 panel    2200 mm x 2200 mm from £1,000 to £1,350
 White UPVC 3 panel  3000 mm x 2200 mm from £1,100 to £1,300
 White UPVC 4 panel  3500 mm x 2200 mm from £1,200 to £1,500
double glazed door quotes
(prices are approximate and will vary from installer to installer and be subject to availability)

Quick Summary

So you can see that double glazed sliding patio doors prices can be vastly different depending on your size requirements and the finish desired. This does mean however, that there is going to be something for almost any budget.

Our advice (and that of consumer groups) is to get at least 4 separate written quotes from independent installers and look for the doors to be installed by FENSA or CERTASS registered professionals – all the quotes we supply are from FENSA or CERTASS certified installers.

Whichever sliding patio doors you eventually choose, you can be confident that your home will look better and be more enjoyable as soon as your new doors have been installed


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A selection of frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) about sliding patio doors

1How long does it take to deliver & fit patio doors?
The 2 elements here are:

  1. lead time – the time it takes to make & deliver – usually 4 to 6 weeks if made to order
  2. fitting time – a competent team can remove & refit a patio door in a day

bear in Mind that if there is significant construction work needed to for the opening then installation time will increase.

2What type of guarantees do I get?
It is common practice to guarantee the product and the installation work. The work guarantee varies from installer to installer, but a typical product guarantee would be for 10 years.
3Why use FENSA or CERTASS installers?
The reasons we recommend that you use a FENSA or CERTASS registered installers are that new doors have to meet building regulations (unless it’s arefurbishment) and FENSA & CERTASS are qualified to self -certify. You also get better consumer protection.

Compare Patio Doors prices

4How do I get my free written quotes
It’s very simple to get quotes using our services. Just click on the link and send us a few simple details about your requirements and we will do the rest – click here to request quotes.



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