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Internal & Patio Style French Doors

French doors are most often found in matching double door configurations, either opening inwards or outwards, hinged at the sides with the door handles at the centre.

French Doors PricesA common factor with wooden French doors as they get older is that they tend to warp from long terms expansion & contraction meaning that they no longer fit properly and become draughty and insecure.

Modern Upvc French Doors have reinforced frames and doors that to not warp, crack or split frames, meaning that they always fit properly and have a much longer life span without having to carry out high levels of maintenance to keep them in shape.

Typical sizes of French Doors in the UK are:

Similar to those of a standard entrance door (but obviously you have 2 doors side by side).

Individual openers can start from around 2 feet (about 60cm) which would make the full door 4 feet wide (about 120cm). In most cases manufacturers could offer incremental size increase of around 2 inches (5cm) until you reach 3 feet (91cm) which would give you a full set of doors of 6 feet (182cm).

This width of 2 x 3 feet (182cm) would usually be the practical width limit for a double door configuration and for openings wider than this you would need to add side panels.

The same idea would apply for height – typically, a door is 6 feet 6 inches tall (198cm), maybe you could find them a little larger.  Bespoke French Doors can be made to order, but in most cases it would be more cost effective to add a top panel.

If you don’t want to use side panels and have a wide opening, maybe you may find Bi-fold Doors attractive – see more about Bi-fold Doors here.

Options & Features:

  • Strength & security multi-point locks
  • Energy efficient, low maintenance uPVC models
  • Choice of colours & finishes in uPVC
  • Double glazed
  • Pine, Hardwood & uPVC Models

A high percentage of domestic break-ins are committed by intruders finding a vulnerable door. Make sure you have fitted a secure set of French Doors if you use them externally.

Colour & Furniture Options.

UPVC French Doors come in over a dozen colours with the option to add wood-grain surfaces. Door furniture such as handles, hinges or strike plates in silver, chrome, brass or black & white.

Double glazing for external installations is recommended, but you should fit safety glass to any glazing that goes to floor level for both internal & external doors (UK building regulations).

Patterned, obscure, leaded & other decorative glass is available.

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