How Much do Double Glazed Front Doors Cost?

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Double Glazed Sliding Patio Doors Prices
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How Much do Double Glazed Front Doors Cost?

A guide to front doors prices – your questions answered.

You know you want the benefits of double-glazed doors, but you’re hesitating because of potentially higher initial costs.

You might be asking yourself “Does the saving in energy efficiency offset the upfront cost outlay?”

So, to help give you the confidence to make that decision, here is what we think is a useful guide, just in case you may not be fully aware of the full range benefits that you get from fitting double-glazed front doors to your home.

So, what are the benefits of double glazed front doors?

Whether it’s new construction or you’re thinking about a renovation of your existing home, you’ll enjoy a number of “hidden” benefits.

Here’s what contemporary front doors will give you:

  • How Much do Double Glazed Front Doors Cost?More comfort. Double-glazed doors that are fully sealed have about twice the insulation value of a conventional sealed door unit. That means you stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Advanced security. A well-built modern front door has a number of built-in features that stymie the most common tricks burglars use to gain entry, whether you’re at home on vacation.
  • Maintenance free. The surfaces on most modern double-glazed door units are not only stylish and attractive but designed to be easily cleaned and very long lasting.
  • Increased home value. Coupled with the other benefits, the enhanced appearance that modern doors add to the front of your home, gives you a measurable bump in home appeal, and subsequently makes your home more valuable.
  • Reduced noise pollution. Tightly packed insulation that comes with contemporary front doors reduces the intensity of outdoor noise and delivers the peace and quiet you deserve.
  • Energy-efficiency. We’ve saved the best for last. Insulation and a variety of heat retaining features combine with a snug fit to help slash your energy bill.

With that in mind, it’s important to realize that you also have a number of options when it comes to style and functionality. Let’s look at a few of these, with special attention to cost.

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What are the options & features?

First of all, recognise that there are a lot of variables that influence a new double glazed front door cost. Variables like size, over-door glass, trim, colour combinations, insulation value, etc. are things you have to consider.

You also have the choice between Timber, uPVC. Aluminium & Composite front doors – Aluminium and Composite would be at the upper end of the price scale. Alongside that, there are also variations in the actual appearance.

So rather than getting price quotes from individual manufacturers, we thought you would be more interested in the total cost of unit and installation as reported by a number of real-life consumers. Here’s what we found:

  • front door furniture£600 for Rehau door with red exterior, white interior with trim painted to match windows
  • £1200 before VAT for Hallmark composite with glass panel over the door
  • £650 is the starting point for a UPVC standard door fitted. The panel is the big variable, which could add up to £400 depending on your preferences for levels, decorative, crystal, leads, etc.
  • £850 and upwards, is standard for a composite front door
  • Coloured uPVC costs about 15% more than white uPVC

In terms of general guidelines, be wary of bargain contractors because they are more than likely going to be cutting corners on things like materials, glass, insulation and size options.

On the other hand, avoid the large high-end contractors because they can’t add much in terms of quality, so you end up “paying for the name”.

If you find a bargain price on a door that doesn’t quite seem right, resist the temptation to “go-for-it”. You could end up paying a whole lot later on for another contractor to come over and sort out your problems.

The old adage still applies, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Get at least 3 or 4 quotes and go for the one that best matches your requirements & budget. Ask the installer for a few recent local customers so you can do a kerbside inspection of their work, or better still, talk to the customers.

“The Bottom Line”

Your decision should be heavily influenced by the length of time you plan to remain in the home. If you’re looking for an immediate sale, the cost of a top quality front door is probably not going to offset the increase in home value. You’ll need to live in the home for several years to get the most out of the door as a financial return on investment.

Then again, it’s not all about money. A smart looking, modern, secure front door is probably the main factor contributing to the appearance of your home from the street.

Couple that with the other benefits listed above and you may decide that installing a new attractive double glazed front door is a very good decision indeed.

How much do double glazed front doors cost?

Here is a selection of prices from around the web, but please bear in mind that the final price for your front door will be based your actual project, not the average one.

  • get quotes for doors fully fitted1000 x 2200 white uPVC from around £350 to £450 supply only – from £600 to £650 fitted
  • 1000 x 2200  light Oak uPVC from around £500 to £600 supply only – from £750 to £850 fitted
  • 1000 x 2200  Composite from around £650 to £750 supply only – from £850 to £1,100 fitted

More price examples herehere & here or here