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Sliding & Tilting Patio Doors

Patio DoorsA great way to make your room feel bigger, become brighter and to enjoy your garden more is to fit the latest Patio doors – most jobs can be done with the minimum of fuss, and once fitted, you will be amazed at the difference they make to the way you use the room.

All patio doors now benefit from easy opening on quality tracks and once they are closed the doors are completely weather-proof and cut out unwanted cold air draughts – helping you to manage your heating bills.

Tilt & slide or Tilt & Turn patio doors have the added benefit of an inward tilting door that allows super ventilation without having to slide the doors open – good for security. The window section will partially tilt back into the room from the top (for safety reasons the movement will be restricted).

Energy Efficiency

Because a solid wall is much more efficient at keeping in heat (& keeping out cold) if you are replacing brickwork with a window, you might want to consider getting the highest thermal efficiency rated doors – check the WER label to see the rating. Find out more at BFRC

Options & Features:

  • Anti-lift tracks
  • Welded & steel reinforced frames
  • 12+ colour choice
  • Double glazed or Triple Glazed
  • Toughened or Laminated Safety Glass
  • Gas filled sealed units & Low emissivity (Low-e) oxide coating for energy saving

Tilt & Slide / Tilt & Turn installations with 2 panels will have one fixed & one movable (also bear in mind that the tilt of the window is always into the room and can sometimes interfere with fitted blinds).

Choosing which design.

You may want to consider a few things about what type of patio doors would be best suited to your home before “jump in”. If you have quite a small opening to fill, then sliding doors could restrict access for you, as only 1 door slides past the other, giving at best a 50% clear opening. Same would apply for tilting versions. In this case you may be better suited to fitting French Doors.

With Tilting designs, the tilt is inward. This usually means that the door itself will open inwards, so you will need internal space to open it – again, if space is at a premium internally, you could be more suited to French patio doors that open outwards.

For larger openings that are big enough to need 3 or more panels, you may want to take a look at bi-fold patio doors as they work really well with wide openings and give more than 90% clear space when fully opened.

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