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uPVC Residential Doors

upvc doors fully fiteedYour entrance door is probably the first thing that any visitor notices and can set a good (or bad) impression quite easily, so it’s important to make the right choice for your home.

uPVC & uPVC Composite for both front and back doors are broadly based on 2 design styles

uPVC Doors – made from plasticised polyvinyl-chloride (vinyl) sections that are ‘welded’ together to form the main door section. Some have internal reinforcing & most will have door frames that are reinforced with steel

Composite Doors – the outer body of the doors is made from Glass reinforced plastic (GRP – similar material to the bumpers on a car), the inner core of the doors will consist of thermal insulating solid foam. Frames will also be reinforced.

Both of these design doors come in the same size range, but a standard door would be 2ft 6ins x 6ft 6ins (1981cm x 76.2cm). You can see more sizes on the composite doors page.

Options & Features:

  • Multi-point locks
  • Welded & steel reinforced frames
  • Over a dozen colours
  • Triple or double glazed
  • Side & top panels for wider entrances
  • Clear, patterned, obscure or decorated glazing

Many manufacturers now build their doors to meet the “secured by Design” standards. Which means that each product has been tested & reached the required security standards of the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (APCO).

Colours & Door Furniture.

With more than over a dozen colours in the range, you can find something to match or enhance your home. Wood grain finishes add that extra “real-door” look. Colours and wood-grain effects are bonded during the manufacturing process so that they no longer peel, fade or crack.

Door handles, letter boxes, hinges and other furniture can be fitted in in “silver”, “gold”, chrome, brass or black & white.

Double glazing for external installations is recommended, but you should fit safety glass to any glazing that goes to floor level for both internal & external doors (UK building regulations).

Patterned, obscure, leaded & other decorative glass is available and is popular to use in side or top panels.

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